Presenter: Matt Sahd
Time: 11:45 - 12:30
Room: 225

Description of Presentation

This presentation will serve as an introduction to using TI-Smartview in the classroom. Topics to be covered are listed below, following the links.

TI–Smartview: Purchase or Trial Version

TI-Smartview User Manual Free Download

Free Upgrade to version 3.1: Call 1-800-TI-CARES

TI SmartPad

Free Downloads for TI-83 and TI-84

TI Connect

Sign Up for TI Newsletter

Activities Exchange

TI Math Activities Archive

Free TI-83 Emulator (for Windows machines only)


•Adjusting Size and Color
•Emulator State
•Screen Capture
•Keyboard Shortcuts – Download user manual to view them

Blogging Notes

Matt described the links listed above on the site.
You do need to purchase the software - individual computer license, site license not currently available.
Free upgrades to purchased software.
TI Newsletter - weekly newsletter with curriculum integration ideas/activities
TI Smartview software overview
  • View menu – change size and color, default color is silver
  • Toolbar - you can drag to wherever on the screen you would like to display it
  • Large screen - enlarged view of what is displayed currently on the calculator screen
  • View three - can display three different windows at one time - can change under View - Three options
  • Can save equation settings as emulator state (can save multiple files) then restore to default to clear the calculator
  • Can capture screen within software - can pull that screen capture into worksheet, test or for other uses
  • Keystroke history - displays past keystrokes
  • Scripts - can be saved, can record and play back and speed that you control, you can save and put into a Word document
  • To record a script - begin on home screen, click on script button, type in equation, click on stop and you can play back keystrokes
    • Can insert delays, pause, textpoints into the playback
  • If calculator freezes restore emulator state restores it, if that fails you have to restart the application
  • Keyboard shortcuts - specific for PC or MAC users
  • Saving calculator files - can save keystoke histories, scripts, emulator states including a matrix